Better Schools
Safer Streets
Stronger Neighborhoods
A Growing Economy
Innovative Government
A Cleaner City
A Healthier City
Libraries:This service operates the central library along with 21 neighborhood branches and two bookmobiles. Library branch locations are open an average of 37.5 hours per week.

$500kIncrease Library book and computer budget to allow libraries to increase the number of books in circulation and increase the number of computers in branch computer labs.
$2MClose the two least-utilized library branch. There are currently 22 library locations that open daily on a rotating schedule.
After School Programming:This service provides afterschool and summer programs for 6,000 Baltimore City students.

$750kFund 6 additional Community School with coordinators and afterschool programs in K-8 schools.
$1MReduce City's support for capacity building efforts and rely more on Foundation and business community partnerships.
Maternal & Child Health:This service provides nurse home-visiting programs, nutrition support, teen pregnancy prevention, infant and child fatality review. This service receives an additional $14m in grant funds.

$500kIncrease funding for pre- and post-natal home visiting services, allowing nurses and paras to visit an additional 350 families, as well as provide funding for a breastfeeding peer counselor and Women's Detention Center outreach professional.
$500kDiscontinue funding for post-natal fitness classes and pre-natal smoking cessation classes, instead relying on the business community, insurance companies, or foundations to fund these programs.
YouthWorks Summer Jobs Program:This service provides five week summer work experiences to thousands of Baltimore's youth. These experiences expose youth to career options and teach them work-life skills that will prepare them for future employment.

$250kFund 20 disconnected youth to work part-time during the school year for City agencies, gaining internship experience and earning an hourly wage.
$300kReduce # of summer YouthWorks slots by 200, instead relying on the private sector to employee youth seasonally.
Head Start:This service provides comprehensive services to low income children and their families through education, health care and other social services. The city's Head Start program is funded through HHS to serve 759 children per year.

$150kProvide field trips and expanded hands-on learning opportunities in the classroom for head start students.
$300kReduce funding for 4 of Head Start's mentor-coaches (half of their 8 funded mentor-coaches).